WWII Wargaming for Young and Old

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WWII Miniature Tabletop Wargame Rules

WWII wargaming rules designed for both experienced and beginner players.

The advanced rules use Orders and simultaneous movement and fire to simulate real wartime situations and include air support, amphibious landings and parachute drops rules for greater variation in the army composition, theater of operations and scenarios.

The basic rules use simple to construct game aids to define troop and vehicle movement and firing ranges. Hand to hand combat even uses the child’s game Stone, Paper, Scissors to determine winner and loser.

 WWII Wargaming for Young and Old is designed for 15mm or 1/72 scale figures, but other scales like Micro Armour could be used with modified basing.

 Four scenarios are included for the beginner and advanced games, some fictitious and some historical.

The 36 page booklet also included pullout game charts and images for construction of all game aids and order markers.

 Owners of these rules have also adapted them for science fiction and modern gaming with great satisfaction.