The Corregidor scenario being played at Total Confusion (tm) in February, 2014

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Corregidor Scenarios for Memoir '44

The material below has nothing to do with the rules on the RULES page.

Memoir '44 (C) Corregidor Scenarios

A CD containing all of the image and scenario files to construct your own 3D terrain boards is now available from the 

The CD includes;
7 individual image files of the terrain levels(4) of Corregidor Island
2 Underground deployment boards (island caves and tunnels)
2 scenarios: "Siege of the Rock" and "Retaking of the Rock"
Printable American and Japanese landing craft tiles
Printing instructions

(images are JPG format, scenarios are PDF format, instructions are TXT format)

You must own the game Memoir '44 (c) and the Pacific Theater expansion from Days of  Wonder (tm) to play these scenarios.